our most challenging customer

Agency Blogs are Vanity Fairs

A collection of successes and achievements garnished with little stories from everyday agency life.
Show how unique, how different, how hip and innovative you are while creating amazing benefits for your customers.
So do the BitPioneers. Certainly, we too are the greatest digital agency in the Northern Hemisphere. Or better.
And indeed, we can proudly claim that we have never messed up a customer project.
Well, being founded in 2016, we are working on it.
But this post is supposed to break with the success stories and sweet self-congratulation.


Let’s talk BitPioneers’ website-relaunch.
All the well-defined and long-time refined processes: they just did not work during when it came to designing and implementing our website.
We love our work, and how could we show this better than through our website? So, everyone wanted to have a say and expressed their opinions strongly. 
Which contents should be shown? How to present it visually? Don’t we have to start at the very bottom and redefine our CI and corporate design? But how does that fit in with the recently created advertising material and design elements? Oh, what is the website’s main purpose? Do we address applicants, potential customers, existing customers?
Tons of questions, even more different perspectives and countless answers. We found the toughest client in ourselves. A chronology of the creation process cannot be mentioned here. It was simply too confusing.
So, it took almost two and a half years until our new website went online and replaced its predecessor, which was put together by the founders on a weekend.


What lesson did we learn?
Democratic processes do not always work.
We have wonderful and easy-care customers. They are willing to take decisions and are not resistant to advice.
With this in mind, BitPioneers wish all visitors to the new website much pleasure and hope that the work invested has paid off.