digital data collection

Value chains are better without the need for a media conversion.
With our clients we identify bottlenecks and find simple and efficient solutions.
While internal processes are often fully digitalized, manually or half-hearted IT solutions for data collection are insufficient and slow.
Thus, user acceptance is a key factor for the successful introduction of such digital solutions. We take a look into your processes and listen to users' feedback to develop suitable solutions. In doing so, we use modular software that can be ideally adapted to the users' needs.
Projects like this regularly fail, when the sales force has to adapt to new processes that are designed from an IT perspective. We are only satisfied - and so are our partners - if data collection is faster and more convenient than using pen and paper.

Digitalization of work processes

The digitalization of work processes enables companies to find new options and opportunities in a faster pace.
Intelligent use and linking of production capacities and knowledge to make processes more resource-efficient, faster and more customer-oriented becomes the decisive success factor for medium-sized companies.
If a company wants to be future competitive, it has to deal with digitization and the intelligent factory.
BitPioneers helps its customers to recognize this challenge as an opportunity and not as a danger.
We firmly believe that digital change will succeed if solutions are not only accepted, but are used and lived with enthusiasm by everyone involved.
We therefore pursue a comprehensive perspective that focuses on the core processes of our customers and their employees and not the technology.
The digitization of work processes offers diverse perspectives. In this way, the traceability of the process steps can be improved and redundant work steps can be avoided or automated. This allows employees to concentrate on essential and demanding tasks. This increases efficiency and satisfaction.

remote communication and virtual events

Remote work and communication enables companies to react flexible and fast to new business opportunities and crisis. Faster access to new markets and respond to external and internal changes....
A handshake, face-to-face communication, mastering tasks together. On-site collaboration still offers many advantages.
BitPioneers enable its clients to transfer these strengths to the digital world. We make products tangible and communication personal and uncomplicated.
Our partners are unique. Since this is the basis of their success, BitPioneers design individual solutions for digital communication.
To implement such solutions efficiently, BitPioneers use, combine and adapt various software modules.
The possibilities range from scalable streams in TV quality to video conferencing and virtual pitch formats. These can be combined with chats, downloadable content and online votings.
Simultaneously, we create virtual 3D worlds that bring services and products to life. Users can immerse themselves in events, trade fairs or sales rooms through augmented or virtual reality and get in contact with the provider.